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Fundamentals of Fitness

Fundamentals of Fitness

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For those beginning their journey, being inexperienced at a gym can be an overwhelming feeling. Surrounded by machines you have no idea how to work, around people lifting weights you can’t fathom - and the worst of all - feeling undermined by those dudes and chicks that are sculpted like Greek gods.

We get it. There‘s no course in life that prepares you for what’s coming your way at a gym. Not until today, at least. Motivus’ Fundamentals of Fitness is a comprehensive guide - discussing the basics of fitness - that every individual entering into a gym should know about. This guide is going to save you a lot of mental anguish and disappointment and help you look at the gym with excitement.

While beginners learn and understand the correct principles and practices of beginning their fitness journey, advanced users can use Motivus‘ Fundamentals of Fitness as a quick read to brush up their knowledge and stay tuned with the latest in fitness (because sometimes going back to the basics is just what you might need)

Motivus’ Fundamentals of Fitness is a guide that will help you fit into fitness the right way.