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5 Basic Gym Etiquettes that everyone should know and follow

Most of us have been to the gym at some point in our lives and yet most of us fail to inculcate in ourselves the few simple little etiquettes that are an absolute MUST in the gym.

To be frank, these should come to you naturally; but oh well, if only common sense was as common.

  1. Re-rack Your F****ING Weights!!!



This one is by far the most neglected and also the most infuriating. If you’re one of those people, who accumulates a bunch of dumbbells around his/her bench and then doesn’t re-rack them after you’re done, you don’t deserve to be in the gym.

We know that Labour is cheap in a country like India and your fancy gym has probably employed someone to re-rack them for you but lets get one thing straight- You’re there to work up a sweat and if you have the energy to lift those weights, then you definitely have the energy to put them back. That poor soul employed by your gym, must be a skinny little dude who will thank you for re-racking your weights.


   2.  Maintain Proper Hygiene



Again, this one is a basic human etiquette but it is absolutely astonishing how many people have poor hygiene at the gym. First and foremost, WEAR DEODERANT!! Nobody wants to smell your stink while they’re working out in the gym. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for others.

Secondly, use a towel to wipe the machines after you’re done using them regardless of whether you’re sweating profusely or not. It needs to be done. People come to the gym to get healthier, not to get sick of other people’s germs.


  1. Do Not Talk to Someone while they’re in the middle of their Set



        If you ask people while they’re in the middle of their set, how many sets they have left, then congratulations, you’re exactly the kind of person this article was written for. This point is pretty self-explanatory. Just don’t do it!


  1. No Loud Grunts/ shouts please

            We all have our own workouts to focus on and do not wish to be distracted by your loud grunting noises with each rep.

Once in a while if you’ve taken your set to absolute failure and you cant control it, its fine. You’re working hard and its good. But if you do it in every set with every rep, then you’re just a moron who’s not letting others workout!


  1. Do not be a Treadmill/Bench Hog

             It’s a general rule of thumb in the gym that, if there are people waiting, you cannot use an equipment for two consecutive exercises, or more than 20 minutes in the case of the cardio equipment. You either let the one waiting rotate in with you if you absolutely have to, or you come back to the machine after the other gets done with his or her exercise/time slot. Other people’s time is precious too, you know?


I could go on about all the annoying habits of people at the gym but lets leave you with this much for now. Hopefully, now you’re not only going to just look better but you will also be a better person. 




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